Bernhard di Benedetto, Frankfurt

Bernhard di Benedetto

I have already gone through two metamorphoses, The theme of “radical change” is in the soul plan. First, I realized that my professional life as an employee was limiting, externally determined and not fulfilling for me in the long run. Consequently, I founded my own company – a start-up in the field of marketing. And then came this inner voice. And the next change in my life. Together with Heike I work today in the field of geomancy, the reading and healing of land or landscape.

Another aspect is reading and dissolving karmic or current blockages in the aura. These are, for example, old contracts, ancestral conflicts, emotional entanglements from childhood, supposed guilt issues, situational fears, etc. When these aspects are reconciled, a new resonance field is created, one freed from these issues. Life then takes a completely different course. And people come into their spiritual power.

My specialty together with Heike di Benedetto: Revitalization of personal life energies and of living and office spaces. Ascension for the New Epoch.