Dr. Andrea Grieder, Zürich

Dr. Andrea Grieder
I grew up surrounded by nature, where my poetic being developed and gave me a sense of connection with the universe.

The passion for travel, nourished by the desire to break out of the confines of the family and rural environment, led me to study anthropology. From the age of 20, I traveled to Cuba, Colombia, Yemen, Morocco, and also lived for a long time in Paris during my studies.

My essence is shaped by the different cultures and people. Rooted in me, poetry allows me to share my impressions and observations of the world, to mediate between people and cultures, to capture the view inward in words, and to express values. Poetry is for me a place of home, a way to process even painful experiences. When my father passed away, I reacquired my shaken trust in life by writing.

From 2005 I lived mostly in Rwanda/Africa, where I taught at the university and created spaces of healing and transformation through poetry. The work with poetry and creativity was closely related to the processing of violence, such as that of genocide, but also domestic violence, violence against women.
My vision is to accompany and strengthen people in their personal development by giving them the opportunity to live their potentials and abilities.

Living in Africa has taught me to live in the moment and find joy and fulfillment in it. It has shown me the importance of community and empathy in dealing with difficult situations, as well as the value of humanity as acting from the heart.

Since 2019 I live again in Zurich. I work with poetry to bring people joy of life and unfolding in creative expression.