Dr. Daniela Kasischke, Hamburg

Dr. Daniela Kasischke

Growing up in a complex family system, always curious and open to the world, people and the big picture, I was able to learn a lot and early on I developed my interest in people, their history, their blockages, traumas and entanglements with family, partners & ancestors, their potentials and growth.

I first studied history, art history and literature and graduated as a historian. During my studies I was interested in the development of human beings, the influences of politics & society and the deep longing for the essence and connectedness, which is more and more forgotten.

For 12 years I was traveling as a journalist in many countries of the world, writing reports about people and different cultures.

Then I became a mother and lived in Sweden for 10 years. There I took my 2nd path in life and studied psychology, did a healer training, trained as a systemic coach & team developer as well as in systemic constellation work and at the same time also in energetic frequency & healing work.

Life, many fateful events and spiritual experiences have let me experience the ups and downs. I was allowed to mature and grow.

Then the Human Design System came to me – the essence that complemented everything and brought it to the point. Human Design gives deep insights into the inner structure of a person and enables a detailed personality analysis that describes the uniqueness, individual potentials, talents and life themes of each person. It is a door opener to the innermost core of a person’s being.

For 15 years I have been accompanying people on their personal and professional path. It is close to my heart to encourage them to recognize their true nature, to live their uniqueness, to overcome their beliefs and blockages and to bring their gifts into the world and thus to be able to lead a happy and healthy life that corresponds to the individual personality.

Children and family systems are especially close to my heart. With the method of Human Design it is possible for me to help parents understand their own particularities and those of their children, in order to then be able to support and encourage them in the way that corresponds to the child’s individual predispositions.