Heike di Benedetto, Frankfurt

Heike di Benedetto

Over 20 years ago, I left my international business career behind and followed my calling.

It was a real jump into the deep end because there was no business plan, only the “inner voice” to live my gifts and my calling. However, the path was marked with personal destinies, a kind of test of consistent devotion. This path is a constant “grinding of a diamond”. This is how the inner glow becomes visible and this is how you can bring geomancy and healing into the world.

The deep love for Mother Earth and nature gives me this strength to walk the path continuously and persistently. So I can inspire people with my authenticity and infect them with my love for the planet.

Today I am a translator of natural forces and landscapes and an earth healer. I learned from Asian masters, Native American and Shamanic healers.

I serve people as well as nature with mindfulness and respect. In doing so, I create harmonies between people and nature for the projects, and show what measures are still needed to restore the balance.