Sina Gill, unterwegs in der Welt

Sina GillMy personal mission: to become the most authentic version of myself and thus inspire others to the same authenticity to create a life of freedom and connection together.

I accompany people who, when they get up in the morning, often ask themselves why they are actually doing what they are doing and go on without waiting for the answer, fearing the consequences. People who often feel sad, empty, resigned and helpless – longing for change, but not knowing how, where, with what power, or where to even start. Many of us have never really learned who we are or can/want to be, and instead have adapted the expectations and ideas of our social environment or society. Only to realize one day that they can't do it anymore and everything in them (physically & emotionally) resists to put one foot in front of the other.

I was allowed to experience this on my own body. To free myself from it required knowledge, courage, patience, and loving companions. Since then, my basic attitude towards life has turned around 180 degrees. Today I wish with all my heart to support more people on their way back to themselves.

My coaching is a very personal and customized process. As your guide, questions as well as my undivided attention are my most important tools. In addition, I support you with my repertoire of tools and methods that I consider helpful and appropriate for you at that moment. What you use for yourself and at what pace we move forward is always up to you and I want to encourage you to trust in yourself and your feelings.

I offer you a protected space to test yourself, to look calmly into your innermost and to reflect. On this basis, we will work together on concrete steps that are feasible for you and enable you to create a life that suits you.

Your dreams are important.

Excerpt from relevant professional, educational and private stations: Study of educational sciences with focus on psychoanalysis. Work in various contexts of psychosocial care and counseling, especially dealing with the topics of neurodiversity, high sensitivity, mental illness and alternative teaching/learning and educational systems. Training as a psychological counselor. Repeated trips to India, Iran and the USA. A great personal success: extensive healing of my "chronic" illness. Currently traveling full time together with my partner.