Stephanie Sieckmann, Hamburg

Stephanie Sieckmann

Already as a child clairvoyant and clairsentient, many things were familiar to me, even natural. The senses wide open, I met, however, with my perceptions and views on great resistance in my environment – especially my family. My task was certainly already at that time to bring light into the darkness. But as a child I felt left alone and misunderstood and closed the precious perceptions in me, withdrew from people and found joy especially with my animals.

After my studies in English / Romance languages / economics, I decided to train as a non-medical practitioner and added the training as a specialist journalist. At first, I wrote. Full-time. Writing is more than a passion for me, it was a safe terrain. I was able to act out my perceptions and bring them in, give them space, and was appreciated for it rather than approached.

An accident, after which I spent 14 days in the hospital, opened my eyes. I decided to come out of my ivory tower and turn back to people. How? By going back to work in the health sector. Since then I have completed various trainings such as acupuncture massage according to Penzel (for humans and horses), access bars, color light therapy etc.. In the meantime, I not only work part-time in a rehabilitation center but also in my own practice and I am happy about the many wonderful experiences I am allowed to share.

Everybody communicates uniquely and to be able to help people understand what their body is saying, to enter into an exchange with this wonderful, complex being, is enriching every time. Pain is usually a cry for help from the soul, communicated through the body. To search for traces of what has caused this pain, often brings to light many things that in their details have no great weight, but in sum say: the measure is full.

Bringing light into the darkness is my focus in healing work. With the use of colored light as well as with the use of the precious Access-Consciousness Tools, with the help of Systemic Constellation Work or simply with Healing Streams.