Susanne Sedighi, Hamburg

Susanne Sedighi

At the beginning of my professional path, my focus was on the physical body of the human being. I learned physiotherapy in all its possibilities and methods to bring people back to their physical strength and mobility. After some time I recognized the limits of these possibilities and asked myself how the interaction of body, mind and soul really works and where the individual key to this access could lie in each person.

After my training in alternative medicine and craniosacral therapy, I received the answer to my question and met Dr. Douglas Diehl, who put a beautiful kinesiological tool in my hands called “ACCESS to innate” to open access to the unconscious.

Both physical and emotional pain can be processed and resolved with this approach. Conscious and unconscious traumas, recurring patterns and beliefs that hinder you in life are released through a complex system of chakras, brain areas and the “emotional body”.

Through my healer training with Henrike Peláez, I was then allowed to get to know the wonderful energetic world and thus the deepening of my previous work into “soul work”, which opened even more doors for me to heal people.

I see my gifts as a gift that I give wholeheartedly and I am happy to be able to be a support to others to step out of the heaviness of their body and heart to come into their very own strength and joy of life.

Pain is an unopened letter that your body sends you. It keeps sending it until you open it and read it. – Bahar Yilmaz