Yolanda Lopez, Zürich

Yolanda Lopez

Born and raised in Basel with Spanish roots. Clairsentient and sensitive with all senses, it was a great challenge for me to find my place in this rigid, structured, cerebral world. My body absorbed, unfiltered all the energies around me, like a sponge. I was completely overwhelmed and only met with incomprehension. For years I was beaten down, suppressed and treated as small and insignificant. I believed it, hid myself and suppressed even my light for half a lifetime.

My creativity enabled me to travel to other worlds and helped me to stay alive in the most difficult process of my existence. I took the path of the designer. Always better, higher, further. From graphic designer to art director, senior brand designer and creative director. Recognition stayed away. When my body started to show signs of physical illness, my life changed radically. Classical orthodox medicine did not help. I attended countless therapies, courses, workshops, retreats, seminars, trainings in various health, philosophical and spiritual fields. I dived deep and flew high. Took a lot with me, and left even more behind. I stopped believing what was infiltrated into me from an early age and began to believe in myself and my abilities.

In my training as a sound therapist, my heart reawakened and so did I. The sounds and their frequencies touched me deeply in a place where I had not been touched by anything or anyone before. The sounds supported me to go even deeper. They taught me to perceive and understand the language of my body. Today I am reconnected with my body and the power of my abilities.

It is about unconditional self-love, about value. No matter if it is about money, happiness or success, it is always about me, about my value system, my peace of mind. Our body communicates with us continuously. We just have to listen to it. Thanks to this foundation, today I can share my heart work in the form of sound and body therapy and lightful design. My specialty: activating healing processes of the soul in a holistic interaction, on a heart level, from person to person, through sound and creativity.

I love the dance between the worlds. The poetry of love, clarity, joie de vivre, serenity, inner strength and a dash of mischief is my passion. I lovingly support people to discover their own symphony. In groups I restore the magic of connectedness. I offer children a bridge to believe in their own magic.

You are the world : You are eternity : You have immeasurable powers : Your possibilities are limitless : Trust yourself : You are the love you seek