Miriam Frey, Zürich

Miriam Frey

I was born in 1969 under the zodiac sign Sagittarius and grew up together with my twin sister. My adolescence was marked by an eating disorder, which I was able to overcome on my own and with my will to change.

My professional career has taken me to various companies and industries over a period of 30 years. I worked for a major bank for 16 years. As a balance and joy, I teach dance, aerobics, fitness, functional workout, Antara for also 30 years. I know what it means to be under pressure to perform and to manage family and career as well as other voluntary commitments to the community.

Because of my exhaustion depression, I began to do deep inner work, to remember who I am, what I want, and what I no longer want. My path became a spiritual journey and led me to holistic spiritual coaching, energy work, schema, and couples work, breathwork as well as hypnotherapy. I experienced first-hand how working with the subconscious works and at the same time found my soul calling in it.

Today I am professionally trained in Holistic Coaching, as a Spiritual Mentoring & Coach and Hypnosis according to OMNI, NGH and member of the Swiss Professional Association of Hypnotherapists as well as with the National Guild of Hypnosis USA, as Master of Reiki and Breathwork Facilitator. I specialize in working with the subconscious mind. Sustainable change occurs in the subconscious.

My mission is to show that you can transform energetically just like I did. I go forward with my own transformation and light your way. I want to strengthen you in your self-efficacy, make you grow, open the space for you to overcome your blocks and challenges. You may recognize fears and doubts as your drive, which puts you into an incredible energy of transformation. With this newly experienced energy you will manifest your visions and dreams. Everything is within you, waiting to be discovered.