LIFE School

We take the wake-up call of our time seriously and support individuals as well as companies in their transformation process.

To activate this process, we offer individually tailored 1:1 sessions, workshops and lectures for specific needs:


  • Employee Motivation (energize your team)
  • Holistic Workflow (out of the box thinking)
  • Sustainable Team-building
  • Pleasure in Profession/Activity
  • Corporate Constellation Work
  • Prospering Money Flow


  • Transforming Family/Society Conditionings
  • From Profession to Vocation
  • Money handling. How do we get into the money flow
  • Awareness Building. Consciousness Expansion
  • Solution for Burn-out and Depression
  • Reduction of Fear, Suffering and Pain
  • Dealing with Love & Sexuality
  • Vitalizing our Life Force
  • Financial Literacy

Every human being has his or her own specific tasks in life. It is important to find out. Our mentors support you on your way to ease, stability, and fulfillment.