Pia-Lin Höppner, Bad Oldesloe

Pia-Lin Höppner

Born as an orphan in Hamburg, I was lucky enough to be adopted into a large cosmopolitan family. Here I learned already as a child, that people are often burdened with dramas that often go far back into the family system. At the same time, my adoptive mother’s openness on this subject allowed me to be in contact with the Spirits from an early age. Like all adopted children, I had to learn that people need their roots in order to thrive.

Thus, I spent many years of my life trying to find my roots and connect with them. To do this, I used different paths to finally find that shamanism opened these doors for me.

Before that, I had completed a commercial apprenticeship and then studied nursing management and science. After that, I worked for a nursing home company throughout Germany for many years. Here I got to know the greed and the need for recognition of managers.

After a sabbatical year that brought me deeply back to myself and to nature, I found out what was important for me to be happy in my life. I trained as a wild herbalist, learned to tell stories about and with nature, and began studying Russian shamanism with Vadim Tschenze.

I love to help people to connect with nature and all being. The shamanic view is a good basis for this. Making friendship with yourself by learning to understand who you are and what you need to be grounded and in your center.

The planetary code analysis is a wonderful tool to recognize one’s own issues and to avoid wrong paths. In addition, I use the methods of energy coaching to give people tools with which they can harmonize their own and the energies absorbed from the outside and thus reduce stress and find their way back into well-being. When a system arrives at a secure stillness, self-healing begins and potentials unfold.

It is my honor to help people cope with their lives and find meaning in life.